Locking Assembly

The is an advanced basic component widely used in the world for mechanical under heavy load. In the coupling of wheel and shaft, it is a keyless coupling device that achieves load transmission by tightening the pressure and friction between the inclusive surfaces with high strength bolts.

A keyless locking assembly is a type of coupling that connects a hub and a shaft without using a key. This type of coupling eliminates backlash, fretting, and corrosion. It is easily reassembled and disassembled. The keyless locking assembly covers the entire circumference of the shaft.

Keyless Locking Assembly Types

Keyless Lock Assemblies are shaft-to-hub frictional locking devices that provide easily adjustable and releasable mechanical shrink fit. There are many different styles of these assemblies to meet individual project needs.

Principle of Keyless Shaft Locking Assemblies

Keyless Locking AssemblyThe locking assembly is a keyless locking device whose principle and use is to produce a huge holding force between the inner ring and the shaft and between the outer ring and the hub by the action of high-strength tension bolts to achieve a keyless coupling between the machine part and the shaft. When bearing the load, the torque, axial force or the compound load of both are transmitted by the combined pressure of the locking assembly and the machine part and the shaft and the accompanying friction force. The main advantages of the keyless locking shaft coupling are as follows: high alignment accuracy; easy installation/adjustment/dismantling; high strength, stable and reliable coupling; protection of equipment from damage during overload, especially for transferring heavy loads.

Applications of Locking Assembly

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Automation Equipment
Locking Assemblies

Advantages of Locking Assembly

  • The use of locking assemblies makes the manufacture and installation of host parts simple. The processing of the shaft and hole for mounting the locking assembly does not require high precision manufacturing tolerances like interference fit. No heating, cooling or pressurizing equipment is required for the installation of the locking device, and the bolts must be tightened to the required torque. The hub can be easily adjusted to the desired position on the shaft. The keyless shaft locking devices can also be used to join parts with poor weldability.
  • The locking assembly features with long service life and high strength. The keyless shaft locking assemblies rely on friction transmission, there is no keyway weakening to the coupled parts, and there is no relative motion, so there is no wear and tear in the work.
  • When the locking assembly is overloaded, it will lose the coupling effect, which can protect the equipment from damage.
  • The keyless locking shaft coupling can withstand multiple loads, and its structure can be made into a variety of patterns. According to the size of the installed load, more than one locking assembly can be used in series.
  • The locking assembly is easy to disassemble, and has good interchangeability. As the locking assembly can combine the shaft and hub with large clearance, the bolt will be loosened when disassembling, so that the coupled parts can be easily disassembled. When the expansion is tightened, the contact surface is closely fitted without rusting, and it is also easy to disassemble.

Keyless Locking Shaft Coupling

Keyless Locking Device

Keyless Locking Assembly Features

Keyless locking assemblies are a great choice for reducing maintenance costs. These devices can easily be installed and dismantled without sacrificing their functionality. They can handle a broad range of dynamic loads, including high torque, radial load, and rotational speed. These features make them ideal for applications where concentricity is critical. Moreover, they are easy to dismantle for routine maintenance and can be easily replaced in case of wear.

A keyless locking assembly is a great choice for applications where the rotor shafts are not too large and can rotate freely. This is possible thanks to the one-screw design. A keyless device also eliminates fretting and can accommodate smaller diameter shafts. Furthermore, it eliminates costly machining and downtime. A keyless locking assembly also leaves the shaft intact, allowing it to function longer, even in high-torque applications.

Keyless locking assemblies are mechanical bushings that eliminate problems such as backlash. Typically, they are used in , timing pulleys, V-belt pulleys, gears, and flywheels. Additionally, they can be used in hydraulic clutches and flange couplings.

Another advantage of keyless locking assemblies is that they offer fast mounting. This feature allows operators to check the alignment of pulleys and sheaves without having to remove the whole assembly. Furthermore, keyless locking devices also enable easy re-installation. They provide fast and accurate mounting and axial movement control. Moreover, they can operate in various temperatures.

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