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Forging Gir Bevel

A precision forging process for straight and spiral bevel gears can be used to improve their strength and reliability. This process utilizes a finite-element-based computer-aided design (CAD) tool to simulate the forming process and create a detailed model of the final shape. It also allows the manufacturer to make more precise and durable bevel gears while minimizing material scrap.

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Forging Gir Bevel

Precision forging bevel gears included forging straight bevel gears and forging spiral bevel gears. These forging bevel gears could be machined by hot forging, cold forging, and compound developing methods. And these gir bevel are widely adopted by OEM suppliers in the application of saloon cars, passenger cars, mini-car, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, engineering machinery, agriculture machinery, wind power generation, etc.

Forged Bevel Gears

Application for the Forging Bevel Gears

They can be manufactured using a hot or cold forging process. They are commonly used in engineering machinery and wind power generation. Precision forging bevel gears undergo various processes, including machining, heat treatment, and flame and nitriding.

Precision forging bevel gears can also be referred to as miter gears. They feature equal numbers of teeth, and their axes are at right angles. In addition, they have smooth operation and can handle high torque loads.

Forging Gir BevelForging Gir Bevel

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Forging Bevel Gears Features and Advantages

There are forging gir bevel lurus and forging roda gigi spiral. Forging bevel gears offer a number of advantages over machined versions. In addition to being more durable, forged bevel gears are able to achieve lower weight and larger dimensions. They also have the added advantage of being a more cost-effective solution for many applications. Here are some of the advantages of forged gears and how they can benefit your design.

A key component of a bevel gear is the pitch angle. This is the angle between the face of the pitch surface and the shaft axis. It is important to ensure that the pitch angle of the two gears matches in order for the gears to mesh. The pitch angle of bevel gears is usually around 20 degrees.

The geometry of bevel gears is complex. They are particularly sensitive to deviations in flank form and relative contact position. These two factors are process-linked and affect the paired contact geometry of the ring gear and pinion. Narrow tolerance fields are essential to avoid quality problems, which increase production costs.

When calculating the bending stress in bevel gears, consider the following. The diameter of the gears is equal to the diameter of the gear 1 and the shaft of the gear 2. The angle of the pinion is the same as that of the gear. A gear with a smaller diameter will have less contact stress.

The features of high-transmission efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, and not easy to corrosion and rust make the forging bevel gears popular in the gears market. What's more, various specifications and non-standard customization are available at Ever-power.

Forged Bevel GearsForged Bevel Gears

Forged Bevel GearsForged Bevel Gears

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Forging Bevel Gear in China Forging Bevel Gear in China

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