Split taper bushings are used as hubs for pulleys, sprockets, gears and sheaves. They are flanged bushings with tapered barrels that are separated on both sides.

A wide range of split taper bushings and related parts are available at Ever-power. This includes sprocket bushings, which are designed for split tapered bushings. Our available split taper bushings come in various sizes with various bore diameters, keyway widths, keyway depths, maximum outside diameters and minimum inside diameters.
Browning is a well-known manufacturer of quality parts, including split taper bushings. We can manufacture the replacements of Browning split taper bushing as well as Martin split taper bushing.

Split Taper Bushing Types

There are many types of split taper bushings available. In general, they are available in sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 4-5/8-inch. You’ll need to know which type you need before choosing a split taper bushing for your machine.

Split taper bushings have a split-barrel design that allows for a higher clamping force. They also have a flange, which mounts to a pulley. This allows for more precise positioning compared to non-flanged bushings.

Split Taper Bushing Installation

Split taper bushing installation requires a few steps.

  • First, you need to make sure that the bushing is completely free of any anti-seize lubricants.
  • Next, place the bushing in the sprocket or other part.
  • After that, you can install the cap screws in the pull-up holes. When tightening the cap screws, you should keep the bushing slightly loose so that it can slide on the shaft. The key on the shaft should be used to move the sprocket to its desired position.
  • After this, you can leave the head of the screws exposed to ensure that it is properly installed.Split Taper Bushings

Split tapered bushings are most commonly used due to their high overall strength, ease of installation and removal, and high retention force for successfully connecting the shaft to the drive or idler components. We stock split tapered bushings into imperial and metric bore sizes from G series to W2 series and from 0.375″ to 7.438″. For more information or to get a quote for our high-strength split tapered bushings, please contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Split Taper Bushing Sizes

The split taper bushing is a type of flanged bushing, with a split in its barrel, used to mount pulleys, sprockets, or sheaves on shafts. They are keyed to the shaft by overlapping the outer diameter of the barrel with the inner diameter of the drive component. This means that the component will not become loose, even if the fasteners become loose or break. Split taper bushings come in several sizes, from 1/2-inch to 4-1/2-inch, depending on the diameter of the shaft and the drive component.
This type of hub bushing is often interchangeable among manufacturers. It allows you to easily change the size of the shaft without having to bore the component. Its split taper design allows you to easily adjust its diameter to match the size of your shaft. It also has a concentric bore, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting the shaft perfectly bored to fit the bushing.

The figures and characters below show all the different sizes of split tapers, both Type 1 and Type 2.

Split Taper Bushing Sizes Split Taper Bushing Sizes

Split Taper VS QD Bushing

When it comes to bushings, you will find that you’ll encounter a variety of different choices. You’ll find split taper, QD, and Taper lock bushings. Knowing which one you need will help you get the right part for your application. The difference between QD and split taper bushing is as follows.

Split taper bushings have a flange on the outside diameter, while quick disconnect bushings, also called QD bushings, have a split-through flange. Quick disconnect bushings are usually used with a pulley or sprocket and are easier to install and remove. They also have a higher holding power because of the cap screw, which can be tightened. In addition to split taper, QD bushings come in SK, J, F, E, and SF sizes.

The split taper bushing is similar to the QD bushing, but it contains two barrels instead of one. This allows it to accommodate variations in shaft size. In addition, the split taper bushing doesn’t need to be perfectly bored to fit your component, which means that it can be more compatible with different shaft sizes.

Split Taper Lock Bushing
QD Bushings